This website was created to keep you up-to-date with the research being conducted at Dr. Prado's Lab at the University of Alberta.

Celebrating the Global Influence of the Prado's Lab 

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Dr. Prado has been recognized for her substantial scholarly impact, earning the distinction as one of the world's leading scientists by Clarivate Analytics. This achievement reflects not only her commitment to excellence but also the collective efforts and scientific contributions of her entire team. Being cited as a Highly Cited Researcher indicates extensive and significant impact and influence within their respective fields of study. This recognition places Dr. Prado in the top 1% of researchers worldwide in her field.

Upcoming Presentations:

The cookbook has received a Gourmand Cookbook Award / World Cookbook Awards for Best Free Publications in 2022 and is one of Amazon bestsellers under it’s the category of High Protein Diets. 

Are you interested in pursuing a Master's or Doctoral program in the USA or Canada?  

If so, this free practical guide to applying to Master's and Doctoral programs in these countries might be very useful for you:  


Also available in Portuguese.  

In an effort to educate the public, especially patients on the importance of low muscle mass (and nutrition), our lab launched the video below. We developed that in consultation with different stakeholders and based on sound research highlighting the effectiveness of such videos for knowledge translation. Please share and help us spread the word. 

If you would like to help us translate to your language let me know (2 pages of text). 

Use for Continuing Educational Credits or Continuing Competence Plan 

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